Covid-19 and everything you need to know:
We will be shooting in an outdoor park location in South London, where there's lovely nature, less people and where the air is fresh compared to the streets.
There will be no physical contact, and as my 50mm lens requires me to stay about a metre and a half / two metres away, social distancing has always been the case on shoots anyway.
I wish that you feel safe and comfortable on the shoot, so I ask all of you to take the precautions that will make you feel comfortable.
Make sure you bring a mirror - as I won't be adjusting clothes, hair etc, like I normally do.
Taken the current circumstances, short notice rescheduling is also absolutely fine, just email me and we'll sort a new date. 
If you should have any questions about this, feel free to email me below. I'm happy to answer any questions!
Lastly I want to say I hope you're all well and taking care of yourselves at this time. For many of us the past year has had such ups and downs, and I'm sending out some loving vibes to you all.
Now, let's make you shine!